We closed our shop doors at the end of March 2020 following Oregon State's Stay At Home Order. After more than 2 full months of uncertainty about the state of our brick-and-mortar store, we made the decision to permanently transition to online sales only.

Fun Facts

Have you ever noticed that the bar soap in the soap isle at the grocery store doesn’t  contain the word ‘soap’ anywhere on its packaging? Instead you’ll find the words ‘body bar’ or ‘beauty bar’. It’s because those bars are not legally defined as soap. Let me explain...
ALL soap is made using oils/butters combined with lye (sodium hydroxide) and water. The mixture is agitated with an immersion blender or by hand, fragrance and color is then added. A chemical process occurs called, saponification. During the saponification period (12-24 hours) the lye neutralizes and glycerin (a humectant which attracts moisture to the skin keeping skin soft) is formed. Mass manufacturers strip out the glycerin and add in cheap chemical lathering agents transforming the soap from ‘soap’ to a solid detergent.

Canard Labs soap retains its skin loving glycerin thereby keeping its title of SOAP

A vegetable based soap using: soybean oil, coconut oil and shea butter our soap is vegan friendly (except for our Oatmeal Soap due to the Goat Milk used). 

Our fragrances are either a blend of pure essential oils or phthalate-free fragrance oils.   Want to stay away from the fragrance oil bars? Choose the: Calm, Oatmeal and Charcoal bars. Those contain pure essential oils. 

Our colorants are a blend of Micas (the color you’ll find in mineral eyeshadows and lipstick), Iron oxides (color minerals mined from the earth) and titanium dioxide (literally found in everything that is white from toothpaste to fine china). We DO NOT use FD&C colorants in our wholesale line. Whenever you see the color black, activated coconut charcoal is used. 

100% soy wax is used for a safe, clean burning candle experience. Our wicks are uncoated, US sourced wooden wicks that crackle when burning. Our fragrances are free of phthalates and parabens. 

We list the ingredients for each product on its listing page. If you ever have ANY questions about our ingredients, please reach out via email: 

If you slice a bar in half, our bars can last for 4-6 weeks with regular use. Do not let the soap sit in water or it will get squishy and dissolve. Allow it to drip dry between use.


When we started this company in 2012, it was known as Baby Duck Soap Co. Baby Duck was Clay's nickname growing up. That nickname was passed onto to Liam when he was born. We thought it was a good idea to name this labor of love after our greatest love.

Until one day....

At a local farmers market, Tanya was approached by two very angry older gals who shouted: "YOU KILL BABY DUCKS AND TURN THEM INTO SOAP?!?!?"

After a hearty laugh and a simple explanation, the gals weren't buying it. That day was the the day we rebranded to Canard Labs. (TRUE STORY) Also, people assumed the products were only made for babies. That's just not as funny as the other story. 

Canard is french for duck (a nod to our Baby Duck) and Labs, because what we do is real life science mixed with art. 


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