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We Are Artists & Dreamers

We Love Color

We Care About the Environment

Do you ever wish you could go back to a time when things were simpler? When your worries were fewer and your problems could be solved with a nice, long bath? Now, there's a new way to escape the stresses of life. Canard Labs handcrafts large bars of soap filled with aromas that transport you to happy memories. Our artful, beautiful designs make them a perfect addition to any bathroom. Try our products today and let us help you escape to a better time!

Tanya - Owner & Maker

Corporate America burnout and a colicky newborn led to the creation of Canard Labs in 2012. Tanya focuses on clean ingredients, intoxicating aromas and bright, gorgeous design in all of her products. Every piece is handcrafted with love, artistry and lots of color.

Amy - Right Hand Woman

Amy is brilliant! Not only does she teach College Biology, cooridinate a college lab, and occaisionally substitutes at our local High Schools, but she's a Jill-Of-All-trades here at Canard Labs. Amy adds positivity and happiness into our creations, and it shows.



Handcraft Soap & More!

Use Clean Ingredients

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