PNW Collection | Soap, Face + Body Cream & Bath Bomb

Grab all of your favorite PNW products and save a few dollars while you're at it! This collection includes: 

1 PNW Soap:  Experience the Pacific Northwest in the form of this beautifully crafted soap. We've captured the best that the Pac Northwest has to offer. Sweet orange + yuzu is blended with the essence of a lush Oregon forest in the form of eucalyptus + pine.  These luxurious bars are formulated with Soybean Oil, Coconut Oil, and Shea Butter. Generously fragranced, handcrafted from scratch. Natural. Vegan. Palm free. Made in Oregon. 6oz.

1 PNW Face + Body Cream: Thirsty skin? Our Face + Body Creams are the answer. These little jars are packed with the ultra hydrating power of pure shea butter with a drizzle of fractionated coconut oil blended with lovely herbal extracts to make your skin happy. Shea Butter is 100% non-comedogenic which means that it WILL NOT CLOG PORES! Pretty much the best thing to use on your face and anywhere on your body where dry skin resides. 1 jar. 

1 PNW Bath Bomb Powder: Melt the worries of the day away with our Shea Butter Bath Bombs. Loaded with the conditioning, skin-loving goodness of pure shea butter, your skin will be radiant and hydrated. With a lovely drizzle of fragrance and a sprinkle of vibrant color. 5.5 oz.