Skin Care Simplified

January 22, 2020 2 min read

We’ve been given way too much information when it comes to our daily skin care routine. Our cabinets are brimming with products from multi-step systems that we’ve tried and used over the years.

What if I told you that skin care doesn’t have to be so dang complicated? To keep your skin looking clear and radiant, all you ever need to do is: CLEANSE, TONE & MOISTURIZE. That’s it! 3 Simple Steps to a glowing complexion


Cleansing can be as simple as using whatever bar of soap you have in your shower (best for normal, some sensitive and some combination skin types) or using a targeted cleanser to deal with unique skin care needs (such as oily/ acne prone skin types). Find great options hereand here.


After we’ve cleansed our skin, our pH raises slightly. The only way to reduce the skin’s pH to its normal levels is to use a quality toner. Raised pH left untreated can lead to over-production or under-production of oil. Resulting in oily/ acne prone skin or overly dry skin. Using a toner will help. Toners can be as simple as pure Rosewater (make sure it’s alcohol-free) or grab one of my favorite toners here


Moisturizing can keep your skin feeling smooth and clear. Regularly applying the best lotion for your skin can reduce the chance of skin problems maintaining the skin’s balance. Moisturizing helps your skin stay soft, supple and young. If you want to keep it simple, use a straight, dry, non-comedogenic oil like Grapeseed Oil. It’s light and absorbs almost instantly. Or try some of our favorite moisturizers here and here.

Stick to these three things in your daily skin care routine and your skin will thank you! Stay tuned for future skin care posts where I’ll dive deeper into each of these and help explain additional products like our exfoliant and serums.

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