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Thirsty skin? Our Face + Body Creams are the answer. These little jars are packed with the ultra hydrating power of pure shea butter with a drizzle of fractionated coconut oil blended with lovely herbal extracts to make your skin happy. Shea Butter is 100% non-comedogenic which means that it WILL NOT CLOG PORES! Pretty much the best thing to use on your face and anywhere on your body where dry skin resides.

CLEAR : unscented

***THIS IS A HEAT SENSITIVE PRODUCT. If your cream melts in transit, put your jar in the refrigerator and stir. It will lose its volume if it melts. We cannot guarantee that the product will not melt in transit. Purchase at your own risk in the warmer months.***


Shea Butter, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Chamomile Extract, cornstarch.
 Net Wt 1.70oz (48g)

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