Time For Spring Cleaning

Time For Spring Cleaning - Canard Labs

Out with the old...

At any given time, you can typically find anywhere between 45 to 50+ different soaps on our website. At the beginning of every new year we compile sales reports from our retail, wholesale and private label sales and determine which soaps will be kept and which soaps will be retired. We do this not only to lighten our production load, but to make way for new fragrances each year.

We never make these choices lightly. Generally, the soaps chosen for retirement have had a history of declining sales for 1 to 3 years. This year we've chosen: Fig Soap, Serene Soap, Glow Soap, Jubilee Soap & Orchard Soap. If you see your favorite here the good news is, these bars are discounted! Grab as many as you want before we bid farewell to them. 

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In with the new!

Although we will miss the older favorites that are retiring this year, we're super excited for all of the new aromas that are coming soon. We've already added Whimsy Soap (and Whimsy Sugar Scrub) this year and it has been a huge hit! For the citrus lover within, Whimsy is a fresh and bright blend of Sweet Meyer Lemon, Orange Peel and Lime. Packed with soft, pastel colors to brighten your showering routine. 

We currently have our newest collection, Moonflower in production. This will be coming soon! Followed be a re-imagining of our Seaside Collection fragrance blend. Same great look, but a saltier, spa-like combination of aromas.  

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