Why, Hello There

Why, Hello There - Canard Labs

The past two years have been... interesting. Lots of upheaval, changes (good & bad), blue days and happy days. I miss communicating with all of you. I've learned the hard way that Instagram/ Facebook just isn't working for me in the ways it used to and our storefront was a victim of the pandemic shutdowns (and let's be clear, the INSANE cost of rent!). 

This pandemic has really increased everyone's depression, fear, and anxieties. Stepping away from Social Media was a personal mental health decision that I made for myself about 6 years ago. Pulling Canard Labs off of these platforms recently has only added more time to my daily life, but it's also put a little bit more of a pep in my step. No more comparing myself to others, feeling bummed because no one is seeing what I post and no more doom scrolling. 

For a myriad of reasons, I've decided to pull my focus away from Social Media and chuck it all into my family, my personal care, this business and now this blog. This isn't all going to be about soaps and bath bombs... instead, this will be more of a conversation. A peek into what it's like to be running this business and a bit about me as well. 

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